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About Quality Confections Canada


The company dates back to 1922 when two Englishmen, George Bond and Ronald Samuel started a confectionery manufacturing company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada called Bond and Ronald. The company manufactured sugar confectionery items and some chocolate specialties.  For many years, the firm remained small and localized to the Manitoba market.  Jelly products were originally made from imported Agar seaweed strips which were cut, soaked overnight and then used to manufacture eighty-pound batches. The candy was cooked in an open gas-fired cooker and allowed to cool at ambient room temperature. The manufacturing process was slow and very labour-intensive. However, as Agar was and still remains one of the very best natural gelling agents to bring out true fruit flavour, jelly confectionery products have always proved to be a popular item in the company’s product line.


In 1957, the sugar confectionery product line was expanded, new packaging was developed, and the candies were marketed throughout Canada. QCC’s manufactured products quickly became listed in grocery stores, department stores, and mass merchandise stores. In 1967, the family expanded into the distribution business as well. QCC focused on manufacturing sugar confectionery and began importing and distributing chocolate, nuts and snack goods from around the world.


In 1986, operations were further expanded through the use of automation in its Winnipeg factory. Many of the labour-intensive functions were mechanized and automated and the company began marketing its manufactured products internationally. The distribution side of the business also expanded by acquiring the exclusive rights in Canada for dozens of American confectionery lines. QCC continued to grow by also importing and distributing confectionery products from European manufacturers into both Canada and the USA. Quality Confections Canada is Western Canada’s largest sugar confectionery manufacturer and QCC’s products are sold around the world as the company continues to focus on Private Label manufacturing.


QCC uses the finest ingredients in the manufacture of its sugar confectionery products. Our ingredients have been carefully selected over the years and, where possible, natural colors, flavours and other ingredients are used. All of QCC’s manufactured products are certified Kosher throughout the year and many are vegan friendly, peanut and nut free, gluten free and more!


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